Naš fitnes center vam ponuja inovativne vadbe in strokovno vodstvo za dosego vaših fitnes ciljev. Pridružite se nam zdaj!

Wellness and SPA

In our fitness center, we have Finnish and Turkish saunas, as well as a relaxation area with water beds. Sauna visits offer the best body care, positively impacting our health and well-being. By visiting the sauna, our energy levels increase, stress decreases, toxins are eliminated from the body, the skin is cleansed, and the immune system improves, making it easier to defend against colds, asthma, bronchitis, and other diseases. Additionally, we may also shed some extra pounds of body weight. Sauna bathing is a deep cleansing process that stimulates metabolic processes in the body. Increased cellular energy contributes to tissue healing and destroys viruses, tumors, and toxins, which are less heat-tolerant than we are. Heat expands the pores on the skin and increases blood circulation, promoting oxygen supply to cells. Due to insufficient physical activity, most people rarely sweat, and sweating helps the skin eliminate dangerous metals and toxic chemicals. Regular sauna use revitalizes natural processes in the skin and accelerates our body’s detoxification. Consequently, we gain greater tolerance to cold and the ability to warm up faster. The positive effects of sauna are also observed in non-specific respiratory conditions, chronic rheumatism, and peripheral circulatory disorders. Interesting fact: after several years of regular sauna visits, susceptibility to various infections is reduced by half.

ChatGPT When should we not go to the sauna?

This type of recreation is prohibited in the following cases: acute infections or inflammatory skin conditions, coronary disorders, aortic stenosis, angina pectoris, and after a heart attack, most cases of heart failure, uncontrolled and severe hypertension, kidney insufficiency, hyperthyroidism, anemia, thrombosis, edema, epilepsy, lithium therapy, chronic venous inflammation. Sauna use is also not recommended for children under the age of two.